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This link lists all the orchid shows for NSW & Queensland for the year

This site gives a pictorial lists all Australian orchid Society Web sites, as well as many orchid nursery web sites, very handy link.

Woolf Nursery is a quality supplier of a large range of orchids. They try their best to supply plants free of virus as well as clones of high quality. Good source of Oncidium Alliance orchids, Zygopetalum, Cattleya & novel species (wide range).

Orchids Mackay nursery like Woolf nursery, has a high standard of plants.
Particularly good quality Vanda orchids as well as good range, other orchids such as Hardcane dendrobium, cattleya, Phalaenopsis with a good assortment of interesting species etc.,

Dwarf Epidendrum orchids & Bromeliads from seed Northern NSW
Epidendrum Seedling plants available at the Byron Orchid society show in September, if u wish to find out more do go to my web site & contact me; Allan Ladd for more information; Web site click on button above.

A friendly club for orchid growers for over 60 years

A study in the scientific journal Nature has hypothesized that the origin of orchids goes back much longer than originally expected. An extinct species of stingless bee, Proplebeia dominicana, was found trapped in Miocene amber from about 15-20 million years ago. The bee was carrying pollen of a previously unknown orchid taxon, Meliorchis caribea, on its wings. This find is the first evidence of fossilised orchids to date.

The extinct orchid M. caribea has been placed within the extant tribe Cranichideae, subtribe Goodyerinae (subfamily Orchidoideae).

This indicates that orchids may have an ancient origin and have arisen 76 to 84 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous. In other words, they may have co-existed with dinosaurs. It shows also that at that time insects were active pollinators of orchids. According to M.W. Chase et al. (2001) the overall biogeography and phylogenetic patterns of Orchidaceae show that they are even older and may go back roughly 100 million years


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